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Mukudu Ltd is a UK based company specialising in open source educational and training technologies including learning environments such as Moodle and Totara, Single Sign On solutions such as Shibboleth and SAML, content production, distribution and management.

Currently Mukudu is actively involved in the providing contractor and consultancy services for predominantly Moodle and Totara customers. However, the company is also carrying out Research and Development projects in a number of areas including mobile and remote learning. Personal Learning solutions is an area of particular interest.

Mukudu's long term strategy is to provide educational and training technology solutions to developing countries particularly Africa.

Mukudu Ltd is led by Benjamin Ellis, a long term open source developer specialising in educational technology. He gets assistance from a number of other people on an 'as needs' basis and long term intends to have additional permanent staff. You can view Benjamin's professional experience on his LinkedIn profile.