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Mukudu Ltd is a UK based company specialising in open source educational and training technologies including learning environments such as Moodle and Totara, Single Sign On solutions such as Shibboleth and SAML, content production, distribution and management.

Currently Mukudu is actively involved in the providing contractor and consultancy services for predominantly Moodle and Totara customers. However, the company is also carrying out Research and Development projects in a number of areas including mobile and remote learning. Personal Learning solutions is an area of particular interest.

Mukudu's long term strategy is to provide educational and training technology solutions to developing countries particularly Africa.

Mukudu Ltd is led by Benjamin Ellis, a long term open source developer specialising in educational technology. You can view Benjamin's professional experience on his LinkedIn profile.

External Systems Integration

Integration with other systems poses many challenges, particularly with legacy, proprietary systems and we can help. Integrations can include :

  • User/Student Management Systems
  • ECommerce and Accounting Solutions
  • Single Sign On Solutions including Shibboleth
  • Schools Interoperabilty Framework (SIF)
  • Web Services (SOAP, XML-RPC, REST etc)
  • LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability)
  • AICC (HACP) Interoperability
  • Web Filtering & Proxies (SQUID)

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Reporting, Grading & Compliance Reporting

In many cases, your Moodle/Totara needs to track reports and grades. Where you need custom solutions to meet your needs, such as interoperability with external systems such as Compliance tracking systems, we can help.

Mukudu can help by developing bespoke reporting functionality and develop data exporting and importing functionality to integrate with other systems.

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Course Commerce & Enrolment Management

We can offer services to organisations that want to integrate E-Commerce solutions into their Moodle/Totara offering. We can also assist you if you wish to manage Moodle/Totara course enrolments from data for Accounting or other solutions. We can design and develop the solutions required by your organisation.

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E-Learning Content Production, Discovery & Delivery

Mukudu can help with solutions for the management of the production of content including solutions using other open source applications such as Joomla and Wordpress and ones involving content production work-flows such as in Sharepoint. Solutions for delivery into Moodle/Totara can include:

  • Moodle/Totara Repository Plugins
  • Tin Can
  • IMS Packaging
  • IMS Common Cartridge

We can also assist with tagging for content discovery. We have worked with Dublin Core, the now defunct Curriculum Online and Learning Object Metadata (IEEE LOM). Content caching and distributed delivery are other areas of expertise, particularly solutions built on SQUID.

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Consultancy & Solution Design

Mukudu provides research, consulting and writing services to customers. With a wide range of experience of open source technologies in the education sector, Mukudu can provide insights that you could probably not find anyway else. High level solution designs for technical projects based on solid research, proof of concepts for migration and integration projects are naturally suited to us.

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Development & Contracting

Sometimes you need an extra hand in your development team or even a temporary development team or you just cannot find that one elusive contractor with all the skills required. Mukudu can help by bringing together the skills that you require to carry out your projects. With a focus on Open Source and the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Perl) stack, rapid development is a possibility. From Moodle plugins to Squid add-ons, the Mukudu team are easy to help you achieve your goals.

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Migration & Integration

Integration is a speciality. Mukudu used predominately LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Perl) development to integrate sometimes very incompatible systems. Whatever the systems, talk to us to see whether we can help with any particularly difficult integrations. Many times, integration requires the migration of systems from older legacy systems to newer technologies. Mukudu’s expertise in this area could be the extra boost you need for your project to be a success.

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Proof Of Concepts

Mukudu just loves Proof of Concept (PoC) projects. Sometimes, in organisations, there is a lack of manpower, time or knowledge to attempt to determine the feasibility of ‘doing things differently’ or making improvements. The objective is to determine the solution to some technical problem such as how two systems might be integrated.

Mukudu can help with your proof of concept helping with high level design, rapid application development using open source technologies principally LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Perl) and evaluation of technologies to allow you to concentrate on deciding whether there is some mileage in pursuing new ideas.

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Training & Speaking

Mukudu's presentations offer clear, insightful, and engaging perspectives on understanding and applying open source educational technology. Whether as a briefing talk to non-technical stakeholders, training days or as general speeches at seminars and conferences, Mukudu’s speakers will deliver engaging talks on many of the open source technologies. In fact, Mukudu’s talks to non-technical staff are a speciality.

Use our contact page to find out how we can help in evangelising open source technologies in your organisation.

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